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Summerscape 2015: Grades 6-8

Summerscape, a summer program for gifted children who are currently enrolled in grades 6, 7 or 8 is held on the Drury University campus in Springfield, Missouri. (Students register by current grade). Drury's Center for Gifted Education and Springfield Public Schools co-sponsor the program. Gifted students are offered an opportunity to enhance their areas of interest, to investigate new ideas and to interact with their peers in a caring, safe, and fun learning environment. Besides participating in courses not offered in most schools, Summerscape students familiarize themselves with life on a university campus.

Courses are selected and planned to provide academic challenge as well as creative and effective educational experiences.

  • Summerscape, July 12-23, 2015

The Summerscape residential students live on campus, eat in the university dining hall, enjoy cultural and recreational events in the evenings and participate in special weekend activities. Around-the-clock supervision is provided and exemplary behavior is expected of students at all times.

Since 1981, Summerscape has earned an excellent reputation for providing quality gifted education experiences. We look forward to you joining us for a challenging, rewarding educational experience.

Summerscape Staff:

Mary Potthoff, Director, Center for Gifted Education

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