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Summer Quest Classes

Classes meet July 11-22, 8:30-11:30 am at Sunshine Elementary
Select classes based on the grade you are in right now.

Grade 2-3 Courses

Grade 2-3-4 Courses

Grade 3-4 Courses

Grades 4-5 Courses

Grades 2-3 Courses

Toy Box Physics

What does Force & Motion have to do with toys? Join us as we investigate what’s really hiding in a toy box! We’ll set up a matchbox track course in the classroom. Then we’ll roll toy cars, marbles, and balls of various masses down the ramp. Who invented the Slinky? How does it walk down stairs? We will answer questions that you have while using toys straight from the toy box! FEE = $10
Instructor: Susan Trotter, First Grade Teacher David Harrison Elementary, Springfield

"Ahoy Yet Matey!"

Welcome all ye pirates. Come aboard and experience a “jolly good time” as we explore the seven seas as pirates. We will learn the history of piracy, be introduced to some of the famous pirates of old, explore trade routes, tie knots, and consider the weaponry used in the battles of the sea. We will finish with an exploration of treasure hunters of today, using GPS devices to hide and hunt treasure. FEE = $10
Instructor: Jonna Choat, Phelps Center for the Gifted in Springfield

Grades 2-3-4 Courses

Happy Herps!

Herpetology is the study of reptile and amphibians. If you are interested in knowing what the difference is between a turtle and a tortoise, or whether or not snakes are really slimy, this is the class for you! We will explore the biology, mythology, and behaviors of these animals using stories, direct observation of live and preserved animals, and visits from professionals.
Instructor: Elicia Ligon, Central High School Gifted Program, Springfield

Grades 3-4 Courses

Calling Future Astronauts

Space travelers come be part of the SQT team and travel beyond earth this summer. We’ll start at the moon, visit our solar system, fly off to black holes, jump from star to star, and finally venture to distant galaxies. You will work as a team to create our solar system and deep space. You will also investigate NASA’s current space programs. What’s happening now, and what lies in your NASA future of space exploration.
Instructor: Penny Olive, Second Grade Teacher, Bingham, Springfield

I Want to Be a Veterinarian

Do you love animals? Would you like to be a veterinarian? In this class we will look at how you become a veterinarian and what they do. We will take a field trip to a veterinary clinic to see what a small animal facility has to offer. We will explore several other aspects of working with animals. We will discuss animal rights, responsible pet ownership, and ways animals benefit humans.
Instructor: Jamie Davis, 5th/6th Social Studies, Immaculate Conception, Springfield

Grades 4-5 Courses

M3! (Mysterious Mathematical Matters)

Do you like art? How about nature? Or maybe architecture? Ancient civilizations? Finally, do you like math? Some hear the word math and panic, moan and groan while others may smile, thinking of the beautiful world around them. Whether you are a math whiz, or not, M3 could be for you! In Mysterious Mathematical Matters you will examine mathematical concepts and their relationship with art, architecture, ancient civilizations and nature. You will identify patterns in plants, look at number systems of ancient civilizations, geometrical principles in art and how all of these topics work together for design concepts of buildings. Together we will take the mystery out of math!
Instructor: Audra Uzzelle, Central High School Gifted Program, Springfield

LEGO Robotics

Do you like robots? Would you like to build and program a robot using LEGOS? If so, this is the class for you!  In this exciting, hands-on class, you will learn important science and math concepts as you build projects with LEGO MINDSTORMS kits. You will also learn how to write computer programs to make the machines perform specific tasks.  This class is ideal for everyone, from beginners to experts, because you will learn at your own pace. In this class, you will also look at current robot technology and predict what robots may be able to do in the future. Perhaps you will find that robotics and engineering are future careers for you. If you're ready for the challenge, join us in LEGO Robotics!
Instructor:  Erica Hankison, Phelps Center for Gifted Education