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Drury Leadership Academy 2015: Grades 9-12

The Drury Leadership Academy is one of the oldest pre-college programs in the state. This year's academy will be held July 12-23, 2015. The Academy is carefully planned for college-bound students who have completed either the freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year in high school and DLA students may enroll for 1 hour college credit (at no additional cost) on the first day of class. (Students register by current grade). The objective of DLA is to provide students with opportunities to learn about and practice leadership skills which will enhance the quality of life and prepare students to assume future leadership roles in our society. The Academy curriculum is a pre-college curriculum designed to use logic and reason to analyze complex issues; to communicate clearly; to weigh decisions with balanced perspectives; to accept responsibility; and to care about others. The intensive two week program provides a strong preparation for college classes and residential life in a supportive environment that encourages personal growth. 

After a stimulating day, students enjoy a variety of extra-curricular programs. The afternoons allow for free time and outside activities. The library, bookstore, CX, gameroom, career center, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, along with an indoor swimming facility, are conveniently located near the residence hall. For those students desiring quiet or study time, the hall remains open for their convenience. Three complete meals are served daily and are shared as a community. Snacks are provided occasionally in the evening, but students are permitted to provided to bring their own snacks or to order fast foods during the specified times. Each night of the week provides activities such as trust-builders, community-builders, or some sort of entertainment. Guest speakers will occasionally present materials on current issues or provide important information for all college-bound students. Saturday and Sunday all students participate in retreats in leadership training.

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