Student Activities Fair Vendors

The Student Activities Fair is held each year during Orientation. Participating in the fair is a fun, easy way to recruit interested first-year students into your organization, increase visibility, and share information.

Student Activities Fair Participation Process: To participate in the Student Activities Fair as a vendor, student organizations, club sport teams and campus departments must be in good standing with the University and Student Activities office and then complete the Online Application. Applications are accepted May 10th to August 10th for the 2017-2018 academic year. The Student Activities Office will review applications and send confirmation letters to approved vendors, traditionally within 72 hours of application submission. If you do not apply by August 10th, you will not be allowed to advertise at the event. 

Participation Fees
Participation in the fair is FREE for student organizations, club sport teams and campus departments. If an organization signs up for a table and does not show up within in 10 minutes after the start time, the organization will not be allowed to step up at the fair. 

Materials Needed from Vendors
Vendors should provide information and resources that accurately represent their group. The Student Activities Fair is a fun, casual environment and participating groups are encouraged to be outgoing, creative and approachable. Creative and interactive displays are encouraged, handouts and giveaways appreciated, and knowledgeable vendor representatives are expected. Please limit your vendor representatives to two people per table maximum—extras will be asked to leave by the Student Activities Staff.

Materials Provided to Vendors
The Student Activities Office provides vendors with these items for the Student Activities Fair:

  • Table space for distribution of promotional items
  • Professional sign for your group
  • Sign-up sheet for students interested in your organization

Event Timeline- August 20th, 2017

10:00 AM Check-in time starts
10:30 AM Last check-in time available
10:40 AM Late check-in ends

11:00 AM

SAF Officially Begins
11:10 AM The organizations there are final 
1:30 PM SAF Officially Ends
2:00 PM Group Clean-Up Completed

Special Accommodations

The Student Activities Office works to ensure vendor needs are met, however, space and resources are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please plan your group's displays accordingly—power connections and Internet accessibility may not be available for all groups at all times.

Refreshments and beverages are not traditionally provided at the Student Activities Fair for vendors. Please plan accordingly and bring snacks and drinks with you.