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Pre-Law Club (Phi Alpha Delta)

About the Organization
The Pre-Law Club works to prepare students for a career in law, focusing on admission into law school. Students work with local law professionals, organizations and law schools to learn valuable skills relevant to the legal career, network with professionals, and attend law-related events.

The Pre-Law Club meets monthly on Thursdays at 11 a.m. in the Breech Lounge.

How to Join
Come to a meeting or email any of the officers or the advisors for information

Campus Advisor
Janis Prewitt-Aunder
Associate Professor of Management
Breech 100K
(417) 873-7415

At a Glance

  • Professional organization
  • Open membership
  • First-year students welcome
  • Monthly meetings
  • No involvement fees
  • To join, attend meetings or email officers for information