Mail Services

Drury University understands that due to the nature of student organizations, many mail-based projects are completed each year.  The Student Activities Office in coordination with Carbon Copy and University Communications provides multiple mail-based resources available to all student organizations.

Review the information listed below to assist your student organization with their mail-based needs:

Primary Contact
Student organizations should have a primary contact for all mail-based needs and information. Traditionally, the primary contact is the campus advisor because of their stable involvement in the organization.

Mail Services Charges
Student organizations may charge mail-based requests to their Drury University budget account provided that it is on file with Carbon Copy. If it is not currently on file, the campus advisor should contact the Carbon Copy staff to set up the charge account.

If your student organization does not want members to be able to charge to the student organization budget account, contact Carbon Copy to remove or freeze this option.

Student Organization Mailing Address
Student organizations should use their campus advisor's office address as their mailing address.

If this option isn't available, student organizations may use the Student Activities Office address:

[Organization Name]
c/o Student Activities Office
900 N. Benton Ave., FSC 124
Springfield, MO 65802

Student Organization Mail Boxes
Student organizations may request to have a mailbox in the Findlay Student Center.  If your group is interested in using a mailbox in the FSC mailroom, contact the Student Activities Office to set this up.

Student organizations are responsible for checking their own mailbox and distributing their mail.

Mailer Content Review
All off-campus mailings must be approved for content by the Student Activities Office or University Communications. Please allow one week for review.

The mailer you submit must be in its final form–including all flyers, photos, etc. You must also provide an English version if your mailers are in another language.

No mailings to students are permitted without this approval. Do not copy, label, or prepare any mailings until you confirm that your mailer has been approved by one of these offices.

On-Campus Mailers
Carbon Copy can distribute on-campus mailers for student organizations into academic buildings and residential facilities.

  • To distribute in academic buildings, student organizations must receive approval from the department chair.  
  • To distribute in residential facilities, student organizations must receive approval from the Residence Life Staff or Fraternity House Director.

Off-Campus Mailers
For smaller or regular requests, Carbon Copy can assist with off-campus mailing needs. For large requests and bulk mailing, they will assist your organization in working with Ozarks Mailing Services.

Carbon Copy is also able to assist your organization with shipping through Fed-Ex.

Bulk Mailing & Drury University Mailing Labels
Please be aware of the following standing policies regarding label requests and use of student information provided to student organizations:

Student organizations may request mailing labels and spreadsheets regarding contact information on current students through the Student Activities Office. To request this information, complete the List & Label Request Form.

  • Mailing labels and the information provided in mailing labels are to be used for the intended purposes only.
  • Mailing labels and the information provided in mailing labels may not be provided, given to, or shared with any commercial vendor or outside entity.