Event Safety

All events require a coordinator and event monitors to ensure the success of the event. Due to the nature of some events, additional monitors and event security may be recommended or required to continue a safe environment for all event attendees.

Using Event Monitors
Every event that is planned, hosted or sponsored by your organization should have event monitors present. These monitors will ensure that the event runs smoothly, minimize risks, resolve situations, and assist with last minute details.

Because this is a position of authority and responsibility, event monitors should not be brand-new members. Experienced members should be in charge of this important task.

Using Event Security
Based on the size or the nature of these events, it may be recommended or required for your student organization to hire event security in addition to event monitors. Event security will maintain the safety of your group members and guests during the event.

Your group may need to hire event security if your event falls into one of these categories:

  • Your organization sponsors or hosts an event that has more than 150 event attendees
  • Your organization sponsors or hosts an event where alcohol is present.
  • Your organization sponsors or hosts an event that is off campus and the venue requires additional security.
  • Your organization sponsors or hosts an event that requires a check-in process (such as a concert)

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, there are other situations, which based upon the circumstances may require event security.  If you are unsure about your event security needs, contact the Student Activities Office at getinvolved@drury.edu.

Requesting Event Security
Security for your events must be requested through the Drury Security Office (FSC 101). Forms are available at the Drury Security Office, and must be carefully completed and turned in. The Drury Security Office will book the event security you have requested.    

It is important to observe the two-week booking period, which gives the security company or the police department time to secure the officers you need. It also gets your request to the company before another group books any available officers and you are left without the required security.

Drury Security will also sign and fax the Transportation Escorts Form (available from Drury Security) to Fisk Limousines. Student organizations book the limousines or shuttles directly with Fisk Limousines, and then bring the form to the Drury Security Office.

The process for requesting security for your events is:

Step 1: Complete Event Security Request

  • Pick up a form in the Drury University Security Office and carefully complete it, turning it in on time.  
  • Be sure to fill in all of the event information.  
  • Make sure of dates and times. SPD has a no-cancellation policy; after a SPD officer signs up for a specific date and time, you have to pay whether you hold the event or not!

Step 2: Pay For Requested Event Security

  • Bring your organization's payment check to the Security Office by noon on the Friday before your event.  This will give the Drury Security office time to send the check to the business office, so it is not in the office over the weekend.
  • The fee amounts are listed on the Security Request Form (available from Drury Security).
  • Make the check out to Drury University. It goes through the university business office and is paid by them to the security agency.

Step 3: Provide Event Guest List Drury University Security

  • Bring your guest list for the event to the Security Office by noon on the Friday before your event.  This will give them time to make copies and disperse the list to the officers who need it for your event.
  • If your event requires a team of sober monitors, Include the names of your sober monitors for the event so Drury Security will know who to contact, if necessary.