Event Guidelines

A student organization event is considered to be any event hosted or sponsored by a registered student organization and could attract more than 150 attendees, charges an entrance fee, sells tickets, accepts donations, or may include community members as guests, participants or attendees.

Regular organization meetings and activities are not considered campus events.

The sponsoring organization is responsible for managing the event with concern for the health and safety of all attendees of the event. Any student event that poses a potential threat to persons or property may be subject to the provisions of this policy as determined by the Student Activities Office. 

Admission Prices
The price of admission, if any, must be established in advance of the event and must be posted at the door.

Fire Code Regulations
Event attendees will be limited to the legal fire-code capacity of the facility in use.

Enforcement of the fire code regulations and restrictions is the responsibility of the organization planning the event. If there is a violation of the number attending the event, the event will be closed. Please check the Fire Safety Procedures for room capacity limits.

Amplified Sound
The use of amplified sound on the Drury campus is intended to enhance the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas to those who choose to attend such programs. It must be recognized, however, that groups or individuals have a duty and obligation to control the amplification of sound so that their programs do not unduly hinder other members of the university community from engaging in their tasks or activities or from enjoying their right to privacy within their living or working spaces. If it is determined that the event will interrupt or decrease the effectiveness of the other events, the event should be scheduled in another location.

The volume must not be at a level greater than is necessary to reach the audience in the immediate area; it must not be of such a volume as to reasonably interfere with those who are pursuing academic, professional, personal or other recreational activities.

Responsibility for Clean-Up & Damages
The sponsoring organization is responsible for the clean up of the facility; it should be returned to its original condition. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to ensure that no damage to the facility or equipment that takes place during the event.

Sponsoring organizations and/or sponsoring individuals shall be held responsible for any damages caused to university facilities as a result of the event. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for all charges associated with the event and all damage charges will be billed directly to the sponsoring organization.

Guest Policy
Student organizations are permitted to have guests at their events. Guests may include but are not limited to: alumni, community members, and friends of the organization.

All University policies are applicable to visitors and guests. Each individual is liable for his/her actions at all times regardless of his/her mental or physical state. Additionally, each person or student organization sponsoring an event at Drury is responsible for the behavior of their members and guests.

Non-University guests who wish to attend an event sponsored by a student group or person, may be required to be accompanied by a Drury representative, (student, faculty, or staff member) with a valid Drury ID card. Non-University guests may be required to show a valid driver's license or other form of picture ID upon request. Adequate procedures for enforcing this policy should be in place for the duration of the event. The student organization will be responsible for assisting guest compliance to this policy.

Event Denial
The Student Activities Office reserves the right to deny authorization of an event. Denial of events could happen because of any of these reasons:

  • Social Event Request Form is not submitted in a timely manner
  • The nature of the event is cause for concern
  • The event is not in accordance with policies, guidelines or applicable laws
  • The event conflicts with other events or too many campus events have previously been scheduled
  • The sponsoring organization has outstanding bills from previous events

Appeals & Appeals Process
Student organizations that were denied an event may appeal the decision to the Dean of Students. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Student Activities Office within five (5) working days after the denial of the event.

In the meeting with the Dean of Students, student organizations must provide copies of the Social Event Request Form and denial letter, as well as rationale as to why the decision should be overturned.

The Dean of Students will review all appropriate documentation and make a determination. The Dean of Students will provide an official decision, in writing, to the student organization within ten (10) working days of submission. The decision of the Dean of Students is final.

Supervision and Security of Events
All faculty, staff, students, University-related and non-University related groups are expected to provide a safe environment for their events, and may be required to utilize Event Security at events.

  • The leaders of the organization who are planning the event will oversee and be responsible for the event.
  • It is recommended that the student organization have adequate event monitors (1 monitor for every 25 attendees). Event security may be recommended in addition to event monitors.
  • The campus advisor should be present during the duration of the event.

Student organization events may require the presence of Event Security. If event attendees outnumber student organization members by a ration greater than 3:1, Event Security may be required for your event.

For more information, review the 'Event Safety, Requesting Event Security' section of this handbook.

Event Shut-Down
Drury University Security and the Student Activities Office are authorized to close down an event that is not in compliance with any Student Organization Guidelines and policies, Drury University policies or applicable laws.

  • Advance warning may be given to the student leader and/or campus advisor of the sponsoring organization, if these individuals are unable to be contacted, the event may be immediately shut down
  • If an event is disruptive, damages occur, and/or the event is terminated, individuals and/or the organization found responsible will be referred for action under the Student Judicial Procedures.

All events are to begin a standard shut down process 30 minutes before the authorized end time of the event.

  • The music should be turned off
  • The lights should be turned on/off
  • The sponsoring organization should begin to escort the attendees out of the building in an orderly fashion

Event Parking
Event parking is limited to designated lots and access will be controlled through arrangements made by Drury University Security. Any needed parking personnel and related signs the responsibility of the sponsoring student organization.

No loitering will be allowed in the parking lots around the event, or anywhere on the university campus.

Smoking & Alcohol
A safe and healthy environment for the event is the responsibility of all involved. Campus smoking regulations and alcohol policy must be adhered to during the events. There are no exceptions to the University smoking and alcohol policies.

Event Planning Changes
If event information outlined on the Social Event Request Form changes prior to the event, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring student organization to immediately inform the Student Activities Office.

Event Planning Policy Adherence
Ensuring the adherence to University Policies is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Continued failure to adhere to Student Organization Event Guidelines could result in the loss of event privileges and charges to the student organization account.