Drury Against Human Trafficking

About the Organization
Drury Against Human Trafficking is a student organization dedicated to educating, and organizing student activism against slavery in the world today. We seek to raise awareness on our campus and in the local community of the existence of slavery, and offer meaningful ways in which “everyday people” can help end modern day slavery. Our goals are very congruent with Drury University’s mission to cultivate spiritual sensibilities, ethical insight, and to liberate persons to participate responsibly in and contribute to a global community. Being aware of and taking action against slavery in our own country and in the world is an urgently needful contribution to the global society that will stretch and grow any individual’s spiritual sensibilities and sense of justice.The nature of this group is to welcome anyone, regardless of religion, race, culture, or creed to work to together to end a practice that is illegal virtually world-wide.

Drury Against Human Trafficking meets twice a month on Fridays at 3:00 p.m. in Pearson Hall.

How to Join
To join, just come to meetings!

Email: druryagainstslavery@gmail.com


Campus Advisor
Rachael Herrington, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Pearson 203
(417) 873-6920

At a Glance:

  • Awareness organization
  • Open membership
  • First-year students welcome
  • Bi-monthly meetings
  • No involvement fees
  • To join, attend meetings