Five Common Untruths about the Women and Gender Studies Program

Untruth #1: It's hard to get the minor.

FALSE! You take the Introduction to Women and Gender Studies, the Thesis Seminar, do an internship, and then choose 3 of about 50 courses to fulfill the minor. Most of all the courses also fulfill CORE requirements

Untruth #2: All of the courses are about women.

FALSE! Many of the courses are about women, yet some of the courses are about race, about class or about sexuality.  

Untruth #3: Nobody ever takes WGST courses.

FALSE! Nearly 500 Drury University Students have enrolled in WGST courses in the last 3 years.

Untruth #4: WGST courses can't help me in my career.

DEFINITELY FALSE! The WGST courses teach you how to work and live with people who are different from you.  They teach you how to write and think clearly, especially about issues that are relevant in every imaginable career.

Untruth #5: WGST courses are not relevant.

HUGE UNTRUTH! They are the most relevant courses you will take in your whole life.  Really!