Women & Gender Studies Minor

About Women and Gender Studies Minor

The women and gender studies minor is a multi-disciplinary program. Courses are offered by participating academic departments to examine women's roles, gender identity and gendered perspectives. The goal of the women and gender studies minor is to encourage students to explore varied ideas, perspectives, and values that will enrich their experiences and contributions to society. At this time, a major in women and gender studies is not offered.

Mission & Vision of the Women and Gender Studies Program:

The Women and Gender Studies Program affords opportunities for inquiry and dialogue on issues of gender identity and issues that women, in particular, confront daily.

Further, we encourage students and other members of the Drury Community to explore how differences and similarities between women and men intersect with race, ethnicity, social class, sexuality, age, and physical ability, particularly as they relate to questions of autonomy and power.

We seek to foster an environment that leads to ethical insight and the examination of contemporary social mores and social justice across the world.

We challenge and prepare students and other members of the Drury Community to contribute to an increasingly global and diverse society through critical thinking and communication skills, the acquisition of information, and the development of a personal identity.

Contact: Dr. Erin Kenny Director of Women & Gender Studies Minor Associate Professor of Anthropology BUR 312 Office: (417) 873-7226 ekenny@drury.edu