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LEAP: Leadership Enrichment Adventure Program

What is LEAP and why should you participate?

Drury’s Leadership Enrichment Adventure Program (LEAP) offers three sessions for incoming freshmen to meet other like-minded students in mid-summer before New Student Orientation begins in August. Whether students share an interest in the area of sciences, community service, or a love of the outdoors, LEAP seeks to foster long-lasting friendships and enhance existing communication and leadership skills in a fun, safe and educational environment. Students can choose from three unique themes—Outdoor Immersion, Science Immersion or Service Immersion— each of which emphasizes a different area of the Drury Experience. All LEAP programs last four days and three nights. LEAP participants from all sessions will attend a team-building low ropes course at the Leadership Ranch in Republic, Missouri to help break the ice and begin the journey. Each session has its own theme-specific curriculum over the four day, three night event.

Science Immersion This activity is no longer open to new registrants
Saturday, June 25-Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Science Immersion LEAP participants have the opportunity to work with Drury’s top science faculty to tackle real-world science problems while gaining a better understanding of college-level learning. 

Students will:

  • Meet other incoming first-year students who share your interest in science and learning.
  • Work closely with Drury science faculty as you tackle real-world science problems.
  • Meet upperclassmen majoring in science who are leaders in the Drury community.
  • Build teamwork and leadership skills alongside the students in your LEAP session.
  • Gain skills, knowledge and awareness of resources to help you succeed in college science courses.
  • Build a better understanding of college-level learning, and how to successfully transition from high school.
  • Learn about some of the fascinating things science is discovering about our world.
  • Have a lot of fun!

LEAP - Science Immersion Schedule of Events (subject to change slightly)
Total cost: $250 per student
Registration closes: June 1, 2016

Service Immersion This activity is no longer open to new registrants
Saturday, June 25-Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Through participating in community service projects, team building exercises, and engaging with speakers and campus leaders, students will develop a broader understanding of their role of being a transformative leader in today’s society. Students who attend the Service Immersion session participate in several distinct community service projects while simultaneously engaging some of Springfield’s top non-profit leaders. 
Students will:

  • Become motivated to challenge what is, while working towards what could be.
  • Learn about area nonprofits and the issues they address.
  • Engage in hands-on, direct community service projects.
  • Get to know upperclassmen who are leaders at Drury as well as alumni who are working to create positive, sustainable social change in the Springfield community.
  • Have a lot of fun!

LEAP-Service Immersion Schedule of Events (subject to change slightly)
Total cost: $250 per student
Registration closes: June 1, 2016

Outdoor Immersion 
Tuesday, July 12-Friday, July 15, 2016

This session provides the opportunity to engage in outdoor adventure activities through team building initiatives - canoeing, camping, hiking, climbing and rappelling - and is sequenced to accommodate varying abilities and levels of experience. Incoming students interested in having a meaningful wilderness experience with other new Drury students are encouraged to register.
College is a great time to learn and hone leadership skills. Through interactive discussions and self-assessments, students will develop a basic understanding of the 7 leadership skills used by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and how to apply those skills throughout their time in college. 

Other than the ability to swim, prior experience or knowledge of outdoor adventure activities is not necessary. Students will be accompanied by Drury staff and upperclassmen and supervised by trained members of staff during all activities.

LEAP-Outdoor Immersion Schedule of Events (subject to change slightly)
Total cost: $300 per student
Registration closes: June 1, 2016

What do past participants have to say about their LEAP experience?

Science Immersion:

  • “All of the Sunday projects were very distinct, interesting and enjoyable. Monday morning was informative and made astronomy make sense. Monday afternoon was full of explosions and new information.”
  • “The upperclassmen group leaders were very enthusiastic and extremely patient. Both are very smart and I was definitely glad to have had the chance to meet them. “
  • “I wish it didn’t end.”
  • “LEAP was one of the best ‘camps’ I’ve attended. I would gladly come again.”
  • “I made great friends and had a lot of fun.”

Service Immersion:

  • “Don’t stop this program! It helped me relax about starting at Drury in the fall and now I have friends that will be here with me. It was awesome. Thank you!”
  • “I feel like I learned a lot about the school where we volunteered, which made me want to come back and do more [volunteer work] with the school. I felt like we were really helping because the work we did in three hours could have taken one person many days to do.”
  • “I like it all… even going to sleep at 2:00 a.m. every night because it was fun, and I made great memories… even though I’m really tired!”
  • “Do it! It is fantastically fun.”
  • “Go into LEAP with an open mind. Service sounds like something that will be hard work, but with that hard work you form bonds with the people you are with and form relationships with people that you are going to college with.”

Outdoor Immersion:

  • “It was the best thing I did all summer!”
  • “Best experience ever. This should be a requirement for all freshmen. Staff was amazing and professional. Overall was amazing.”
  • “Go on the LEAP trip! Definitely worth the money and the time. It was an amazing experience for me. I made so many great friends on the trip and so will you!”
  • “It’s an awesome way to meet new people and start some friendships that could last a lifetime.”
  • “Go for it even if you have doubts. You will meet new friends and gain new strengths and a better understanding of everything you can or cannot do.”

All incoming freshmen are encouraged to register, but spots are limited in order to provide the most meaningful, unique experience possible. 

Register online for LEAP.

To pay, please mail a check for $250 (Science and Service Immersion) or $300 (Outdoor Immersion) as soon as possible in order to guarantee placement. You may also make two payments - just remember you are not confirmed on this trip until we receive your full payment.

Please make the check payable to Drury University, and have the student's name and LEAP listed in the memo line. Please mail the payment to:

Drury University
Attn: Jennifer Stewart - LEAP
900 N. Benton Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802

We will mail the final schedule to all LEAP registrants in mid May.

Cancellation Policy: Full refunds will be issued up to two weeks in advance of the trip, and half refunds will be issued with 13 days or less notice. Written notice is required for refunds and should be emailed to Jennifer Stewart at

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Stewart, Director of New Student Programs at or (417) 873-6919.