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What Can I Do with My Foreign Language Degree?

Generally, our most successful graduates are those who pair their foreign language degree with another degree that will point them toward a professional field (immediate employment or entry into graduate school).

The following list gives some examples from recent Drury graduates who paired their language with another major (or minor) and then went on to professional success. This list is not exhaustive, it is intended to give a few examples of the types of things graduates have done in the past. More details examples or ideas are certainly available.

Degree Profession(s) / Field(s)
Foreign Language + Criminology FBI, Homeland Security
Foreign Language + Psychology Attorney, Social Services, NGO (charity)
Foreign Language + Business NGOs, International Sales
Accounting at Multi-National firms
Banking, International Stock Trading
Information Technology
Foreign Language + Pre-Health Physician, Pharmacist, Nurse,
Occupational Therapist
Foreign Language + Political Science International Relations
Federal Government
Foreign Language + Education University Professor
University Administration
Secondary Education
Foreign Education (teaching abroad)
Foreign Language + Communications Advertising, Journalist
Foreign Language + Architecture Peace Corps, NGO work