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Qu'est-ce qui se passe? Updates from the French Department

End of the Year Party

French Students enjoyed a party celebrating the end of the 2010-2011 academic year at the home of Dr. Cathy Blunk. Below are A Few photos from the event: 


End of the Year PartyEnd of the Year PartyEnd of the Year PartyEnd of the Year Party

Pi Delta Phi French National Honor Society

Meet the Inductees 2010-2011 Pi Delta Phi to the French National Honor Society:

Pi Delta Phi French National Honor Society

(Left to right) Courtney Colley, Heather Carrel, Sam Gripka,
Cecily Robertson and Mary Elizabeth Latch

Alberto Andino Award

Nick Pallo Was the 2011 recipient of the Award Alberto Andino, All which is Awarded to the top graduating student in French. Congratulations, Nick!

CW Titus Foundation Scholarship

The Department of Languages at Drury is Pleased to announce a grant from the CW Titus Foundation to fund betweens seven and fourteen scholarships for foreign language study abroad. Drury Students Will receive up to $ 2,000 to help cover Each frais Directly related to study abroad education, Including travel to and Within The host country, tuition, food and lodging, and educational supplies.

Application and information

Three of the eight recipients of the 2010-2011 CW Titus Foundation Scholarship are pictured below:

CW Titus Foundation Scholarship

(Left to right) Kyle Tiggemann, Amanda Combs and Ally Loveland

The French Table

The French Table the provides Opportunity for Students year to enjoy conversational French over lunch. DCAL Check for times and places of events.

The French Table