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Foreign Language Placement and Credit Policy

The department of foreign languages at Drury recognizes that many students enter the university with previous coursework and experience in foreign language. This previous experience provides students with an advantage in building career and life skills that will enhance their ability to market themselves as professionals.

Students are encouraged to use the Drury University foreign language requirement as an opportunity to build on previous knowledge and enhance their linguistic and cultural competence. The ability to speak to and work with people of diverse language and cultural backgrounds is essential to work and life in the globalized twenty-first century.

It is the mission of the department to both help students begin their studies in foreign language as well as continue to improve their linguistic and cultural literacy during their time at Drury.

The foreign language requirement is 6 hours of the same foreign language courses at the appropriate level.

Since the previously taken courses and experiences of incoming students varies widely, the department provides individualized placement advising to freshmen in place of a placement test. Previous experience has found this type of individual attention to be more accurate in gauging the appropriate level and experience of the student.

In order to build skills in foreign language, students are then placed in a foreign language class appropriate to their past experience in the language. Several other factors affect placement including: students’ recent coursework in foreign language, experience abroad, the presence of native-speaking family members and region of residence.

Credit for Competency
The foreign language department of Drury University does not offer a placement test for credit. Students with extensive previous experience in foreign language may have pursued either; dual credit courses, Advanced Placement courses (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) studies in their high schools. In these cases, students must be sure to complete official examinations and have scores sent to Drury, or make sure to have official transcripts sent to the university in order to receive credit.

Drury University also participates in the Computer-based examination program (CLEP). Students may receive credit in foreign language through this examination.

Review the following links for further information on dual credit, AP, IB and CLEP.

For more information on the CLEP examination: please visit:

Drury University does not award “retroactive credit” to students who complete more advanced courses in a subject area.

Credit Towards Foreign Language Majors and Minors
Incoming students should be aware that credit awarded for AP and CLEP examinations is given at the 101 and 102 levels. Of these, only the 102 level (4 hours) may be used toward the major or minor in Spanish, French and German.

Credit for the IB examination at the HL level may result in credit for French or Spanish 201 and 202, both of which may count towards the major or minor.