Helpful Websites

Entrance Counseling and Exit Counseling for student loans:

Federal Information:

Department of education FAFSA information
Pin Number Registration
National Student Loan Data System
Missouri Saving for Tuition (MO$T) Program
Student Aid on the Web
Selective Service System

Loan Information:

Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority
National Student Loan Clearinghouse Loan Locator
National Student Loan Data System
Pin Number Registration
Student Loan Finder
Guide to Defaulted Student Loans


Connecting Students to Colleges
Money for College
A Guide to Financial Aid
Missouri Department of Higher Education
Scholarship Search by Sallie Mae
International Scholarships

Drury does not endorse or recommend any singular outside scholarship agency. Outside scholarship agencies are listed for reference only, and it is up to students and families to determine whether to apply for any scholarship or contact any outside agency.