Student Involvement

Student involvement is critical to the success of Drury Grounds. Whether by completing satisfaction discussions, participating in environmental organizations, hands on learning, or by actually working for the Drury Grounds Crew, Drury Students are the reason we do what we do.

The student perspective is sometimes challenging to define but must be respected and included if Drury Grounds is to help create a campus that students thrive in, live in and enjoy.

Drury Grounds is always eager to hear from and assist Drury Students past, present and future in making the Drury Campus all they want it to be.

Drury University Senior and Graphics Design major Rowdy Laughlin will be focusing on Drury Grounds for a senior project. Rowdy wants to help DG convey their message, while also highlighting the student perspective. This project will last the semester and we couldn't be happier. Drury Students deserve the best we can provide! We will keep you posted!