Energy Management

What does energy management do?

We oversee the energy use and control for all of the Drury University campus by designing and building control systems. Our crew works to make campus more energy efficient every day.

They find more ways to be efficient and find new technology to use for the Drury community. We take what we learn from outside sources and apply it in the best way that would work for the community as a whole. We show the difference that students make when they help reduce energy usage.

Energy Management Sets Lowest Demand In Fifteen Years

During the summer months of June, July, and August the facilites services energy management office is responsible for monitoring and controlling the campus electrical demand. Each month the university pays a kilo watt (KW) demand charge based on the highest demand that is set in a 30 minute interval.

The demand that was set for the summer of 2015, ending August 31st was 1859 KW. Last year’s demand was set at 2052 KW. This year’s 1859 KW is the third lowest demand set in the last 15 years. The reduced demand will result in a savings between $16,000 and $18,000!

The difference between the demand set in 2001 and 2015 is 29KW, very little for such large growth. ( We added O.F.E.C, University Suites, air conditioning to the pool area and to the Mabee gym.) The efforts that Drury University has taken towards energy management continue to show with each utility bill that comes in. This is how we prove our dedication towards a more sustainable future. (NOT TO MENTION A MUCH HEALTHIER BUDGET!)