College of Continuing and Professional Studies Scholarship Application

(Complete one application for each semester)


This scholarship is available to undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students in the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, (CCPS). Awards are subject to the availability of funds.

  • Students must be accepted in good standing (not admitted on probation nor in default on student loans) to a degree-seeking program, be enrolled in a minimum of six hours of credit, and have a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher to be considered for the CCPS Scholarship.
  • Scholarships can only be applied to tuition costs and are not refunded to students under any circumstances.
  • Unmet tuition costs must be a minimum of $100 to receive an award.
  • If a student receives a Pell Grant or Access Missouri Grant, those funds will be applied to the student’s account first.
  • Students who do not meet eligibility requirements may submit a one-page appeal letter to the CCPS Financial Aid Committee.
  • Students enrolled in the Law Enforcement Academy and full time cohort students are not eligible for the CCPS Scholarship.
  • Award amounts are determined by the number of credit hours for which students are enrolled.
    • For undergraduate students, a maximum of 12 hours of credit will be considered for fall or spring scholarships, and a maximum of 6 hours of credit will be considered for summer scholarships.
    • For post-baccalaureate students, a maximum of 6 hours of undergraduate level credit hours will be considered for scholarships in any semester.
    • Scholarships are awarded according to the chart below:
    Credit Hours   CCPS Scholarship
    6   $234
    7   $271
    8   $311
    9   $350
    10   $388
    11   $427
    12   $468
  Date: September 17, 2014
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  Last Name :
  Drury ID :
  Year & Semester for which you are applying:
  Campus location:

By submitting an application for the CCPS Scholarship, I understand and agree to the following terms: (Please check each requirement to acknowledge)

  1.  I have provided accurate and honest information, and I understand that misrepresentation of my credentials could result in the reduction or elimination of scholarship funding. If I am asked to provide proof of any credential above, I agree to do so. Acceptance of any scholarship constitutes an agreement to write an acknowledgement letter to the donor.
  2.  If the number of hours in which I am enrolled is reduced, my scholarship will be reduced accordingly
  3.  I must reapply for this scholarship and meet all requirements of the award if I wish to receive it in future semesters.
I certify that the information on this application is true and accurate.