Exercise & Sport Science

Physical Education Major

The physical education major leads to certification for teaching grades 9-12 and students also receive a major in secondary education. All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses:

BIOL 110:* Fundamentals of Cell Biology
BIOL 205: Human Anatomy
BIOL 206: Human Physiology
EXSP 210: American Red Cross First Aid
EXSP 216: Weight Training
EXSP 220: Personal Wellness
EXSP 226: Aerobic Fitness
EXSP 228:** Applied Statistics in Exercise & Sport Science
EXSP 303: Kinesiology
EXSP 311: History and Principles of Exercise & Sport Science

EXSP 315: Adaptive Physical Education
EXSP 317: Socio-psychological Aspects of Exercise & Sport Science
EXSP 330: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
EXSP 331: Motor Learning
EXSP 350: Exercise Physiology
EXSP 365: Methods of Teaching Secondary Physical Education
EXSP 494: Senior SeminarPhysical Education

Choose one of the following:
EXSP 271: Ballet I
THTR 272: Ballet II
EXSP 276: Tap I
THTR 277: Tap II
EXSP 177: Dance
EXSP 288: Jazz Dance

Choose two of the following:
EXSP 109: Beginning Racquetball
EXSP 113: Beginning Swimming
EXSP 140: Golf
EXSP 150: Tennis
EXSP 160: Bowling
EXSP 165: Karate I
EXSP 168: Introduction to Yoga
EXSP 170: Relax and Restore Yoga
EXSP 231: Distance Running
EXSP 268: Yoga II

Choose one of the following:
EXSP 106: Beginning Basketball
EXSP 108: Soccer
EXSP 192: Volleyball and Walleyball

Choose one of the following:
EXSP 301: Coaching Volleyball
EXSP 305: Coaching Football
EXSP 306: Coaching Basketball
EXSP 308: Coaching Baseball and Track
EXSP 309: Coaching Swimming

*BIOL 172 Exploring Molecular Biology will fulfill this cell biology requirement.
**MATH 227 Introduction to Statistics or CRIM/PSYC/SOCI 275 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences will fulfill this statistics requirement.