Environmental Programs

Environmental Programs Student Research Projects

The purpose of research in the Environmental Programs is to foster true scientific inquiry in basic and applied ecological and environmental research problems. Students will acquire practical skills (lab & field) needed to assess environmental problems and design and implement sophisticated solutions to complex environmental questions. Students will have the opportunities to participate in research projects with a Drury faculty sponsor or environmental community agency. 


  • Effects of Estrogen on the Feminization of Large Mouth Bass
  • Ozarks Land Use and Water Quality Assessment; Lanagan, MO
  • Hawaii Wildlife and Pollution Research
  • Hawaii Reforestation and Environmental Agricultural Research
  • Wetland Flora and Fauna; Rogersville, MO
  • Local Carbon Credit Analyses
  • Bolivar, MO Watershed Management Plan
  • Water Quality & Biological Integrity Study of Swan and Bull Creeks, MO
  • Underground Spring Research; New Species Identification & Invertebrate Community Structure
  •  Mushroom Bioremediation Effects on Ecoli
  • Community and Ecosystem Ecology of Small Islands; San Juan Islands, Washington
  • Plant-Fungal-Insect Interactions of a spring ephemeral herb in Ozark Forests; Greene County, MO
  • Food Webs at the Land-Water Interface; Bull Shoals Field Station and Lake, MO
  • Effects of Participation in School Yard Gardens on Attitudes, Behaviors, Food Choices and Academic Performance in K-12 Students; Springfield, MO