Sam Brady

Sam was accepted into Teach for America in 2016. Here's what he tells us about his time at Drury:

Looking back on my four years, I realize that I have grown and matured during my time at Drury. One thing I absolutely treasure from my Drury experience is the pursuit and acquisition of my English major. The English Department in Pearson Hall has been my favorite area of Drury’s campus because it was there that I learned what it meant to be a human. I learned how to read and write critically - not to mention learning what doing something “critically” means. I learned the value of stories from a psycho-socio-biological perspective. The professors provided me with insight into all things literary, and also gave me things like book recommendations, which supplied a source of entertainment without the aforementioned monetary vices. By the way, small things like this are what we at Drury call “The Drury Difference.”

Drury’s English professors have shown me how a good teacher should teach, and I hope to model them as best I can when I enter the Teach for America Corps this summer. As I mentally prepare myself to lead an English classroom of my own, I am comforted in knowing that I have the best possible resources at my disposal, through Drury’s extensive alumni connections and my old class notebooks. Even though I will be teaching on my own, I’m not without support from my alma mater. I have no doubt that my English degree has set me on an exciting and fulfilling path, one that would not have been possible without the humanities education I received from Drury University.