English Minor

The English minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours.

ENGL 200: Literature Matters (offered each Spring)
ENGL 301: Theory and Practice (offered each Fall)

Choose two of the following British and American Literature courses:
ENGL 201: British Literature I: Medieval through Eighteenth Century
ENGL 202: British Literature II: Nineteenth Century through the Present
ENGL 203: American Literature I: 1620-1865
ENGL 204: American Literature II: 1865-1980

Choose two 300- 400 level literature courses from the following:
ENGL 302: Women Writers
ENGL 303: Single Author
ENGL 305: Studies in Ancient through Medieval Literature
ENGL 306: Studies in Sixteenth through Eighteenth Century Literature
ENGL 307: Studies in Nineteenth through Twentieth Century Literature
ENGL 311: Studies in Contemporary Literature
ENGL 317: African-American Literature
ENGL 330: Dangerous Liaisons: French Literature in Translation
ENGL 342: Shakespeare and Ethics
ENGL 344: Studies in World Literature
ENGL 375: Land and Literature
ENGL 381: Southern Literature
ENGL 390: Selected Topics in Literature

*Selected topics should be confirmed with the chair of Languages and Literature for consideration as major or minor credit.