About The Center

The Edward Jones Center for Entrepreneurship was made possible by the generous contribution of John and Crystal Beuerlein and Edward Jones, Inc. All parties feel passionately about entrepreneurship and believe in the idea of helping people create new businesses. They are also eager to provide employees of existing corporations with tools to continually refresh and reinvent their organizations as markets and business environments change. Their vision for the center is to arm entrepreneurs from many sectors with the acumen to create new, innovative ventures.

There were a number of other individuals who graciously served on the Blue Ribbon Task Force, guiding the center in its infancy. Those individuals were Tom Cray, Tom Dapp, Tom McAlear, Larry O'Reilly, Patti Penny, Robert Plaster, Earl Pool, Lyle Reed, Jack Shewmaker, Jack Stack, Tom Slaight, Tom Stout and Tom Warren.

The Edward Jones Center for Entrepreneurship was officially launched in January 2007. Todd Parnell was named the inaugural Executive Director for the center and momentum has been building ever since its establishment. The EJC will continue to serve as a training ground for entrepreneurs by fostering innovative ideas and providing the resources needed to translate those ideas into results.