School of Education & Child Development

Education Program Advising Contacts

The following faculty and staff advise education students depending on their academic needs. You can schedule an appointment by calling (417) 873-7271. Advising information is available at each of our branch education campuses.

Undergraduate Day School Advising
Your CORE/faculty advisor or Dr. Laurie Edmondson

Undergraduate Continuing Studies Advising
Post-Baccalaureate Certification/M.Ed. in Education
Jill Young
Bay Hall, Room 133
(417) 873-6692

St. Robert Advising
Dr. Gail Slye

M.Ed. in Education (not including certification)
Your faculty advisor or Dr. Kelly Lacara

DATSE (Drury Alternative Track in Special Education)
Dr. Laurie Edmondson

MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching)
Troops to Teachers
Dr. Ed Williamson

School of Education Admission and State Certification Requirements
Dr. Kelly Lacara

Field Experience
Springfield: Donna Prouty
St. Robert: Midge McGee