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M.Ed. in Exceptional Children & Youth (inc. Special Education)

Director's Welcome & M.Ed. Overview

The Master in Education in Exceptional Children and Youth at Drury University is an online graduate degree with an emphasis on evidenced based practices specific to the support of children and youth who exhibit a variety of diverse learning needs. This program may be completed in 36 credit hours and is offered entirely online with the exception of one blended course that does require some seated sessions to support lab activities. Students who need an all online option may contact a program advisor to discuss alternatives to the blended course requirement. This program is designed for persons who are previously certified in an area of education; however, is also appropriate for professionals working in agencies that address the needs of individuals with exceptionalities and others with an interest in exceptional populations. This degree does not lead to initial teaching certification (see the Drury Alternative Track in Special Education or DATSE, for a graduate option to certification in Mild/Moderate Disabilities). Individuals completing the Exceptional Children and Youth M.Ed. may also be interested in an add on certificate in Gifted Education (additional hours apply). Contact a program advisor for information on Gifted Education courses and the add on option.

Candidates may personalize their program of study via selected course projects tailored to an area of interest and completion of an elective course in one of the following areas: Gifted Education, Reading, Specialized Mathematics Methods, or Behavior Analysis. Although this program is offered in a distance learning format, personal advisement and support are emphasized within coursework. This program is student oriented, competency based, and aligned to national standards. Applicants, as well as candidates who have been admitted to the program, are encouraged to access the School of Education and Child Development website and the Exceptional Children and Youth M.Ed. webpage for additional requirements including a description of coursework, program competencies, professional portfolio requirements, and other information to support program completion.

Current Drury undergraduate students are eligible to apply for a 4+1 accelerated version of the Exceptional Children and Youth degree so that their program of study is started during their undergraduate program and completed in one year upon completion of the undergraduate program. Students must have senior status and be in good standing in the Teacher Education Program. Once eligibility is determined, the student must meet with an advisor for an individualized program of study.

Scholarship Opportunity:

The Catherine Clark Taylor Scholarship is available for graduate students pursuing an education degree with an emphasis in Special Education (Exceptional Children and Youth qualifies for this). The scholarship is dependent upon available funds and students must reapply each semester, fall and spring only.

Required Courses (33 hours):

SCI 621*: Educational Technology
EDUC 649: Introduction to Mild/Moderate Disabilities
EDUC 611: Counseling Parents of Exceptional Children
EDUC 651: Evaluation of Abilities and Achievement
EDUC 652: Language Development of the Exceptional Child
EDUC 653: Methods of Teaching Students Mild/Moderate Disabilities (6 hours)
EDUC 654: Clinical Methods One
EDUC 655: Clinical Methods Two
EDUC 689**: Introduction to Educational Research
EDUC 700**: Capstone Seminar

Elective Course (3 hours). Choose one of the following:

EDUC 610: Behavior Analysis and Intervention
EDUC 625: Correction of Mathematical Difficulties
EDUC 665: Improvement of Reading Instruction
EDUC 667: Analysis and Correction of Reading Disabilities
EDUC 676: Survey of Gifted Education

* Must be taken within the first two semesters.
**(must be taken in last 9 hours of program)

Please note that some elective courses are offered online and some in a blended format with some seated sessions required. Consult an advisor on your preference for electives.