Master in Education Programs

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree is designed to offer professional education courses leading to initial Missouri certification in middle school (grades 5-9) for the following areas: science, social studies, mathematics, and language arts.

This degree is instrumental in alleviating the teacher shortage in the fields of mathematics and science and provides highly effective teachers for primarily rural areas of southern Missouri in each of these fields.

Individuals who enter the MAT program will have a baccalaureate degree in the subject area to be taught, or will meet the state content area requirements for middle level (grades 5-9) certification.

This program of study is designed for persons who are employed as full-time middle school teachers; have already completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a 2.75 or higher cumulative grade point average; and do not have a Missouri teaching certificate.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program of study leads to a Missouri initial teaching certification in middle school (in the areas of mathematics, social studies, science, or language arts) and to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree.

Course Requirements

*SCI 620: Technology in the Classroom
*EDUC 607: Psychology of Human Growth and Development
*Methods course appropriate for teaching area: (SCI 622, SCI 631, SS 631 or EDUC 609

*(must be taken within the first two semesters)

EDUC 605: Advanced Educational Psychology & Assessment
SS 624: The Home, the School and the Community
EDUC 632: Literacy Instruction in the Content Area
EDUC 606: Psychology of the Exceptional Child
EDUC 603: Middle School Philosophy and Organization
EDUC 633: Middle School Curriculum and Instruction
EDUC 665: Improvement of Reading Instruction
EDUC 608: Classroom Management for Teachers
EDUC 699: Culminating Internship

Individualized programs of study are provided to all fully admitted DATSE students prior to the first semester of enrollment.

Missouri Content Assessments

In order to be state certified, all MAT students must pass the appropriate Missouri Content Assessment for middle school.  A listing of those exam codes can be found by visiting the MEGA Testing website. In addition, please refer to the DESE Testing Updates provided in August 2014.

If you passed the appropriate middle school Praxis II content exam prior to September 1, 2014, that score will be honored until December 31, 2016.  Any Praxis II exam taken after August 31, 2014 will not meet a Missouri certification requirement.

Admission Interview

Prospective students must work with the School of Education and Child Development to submit all required materials for graduate admission. Once that process is complete, students must interview with the Director of the School of Education and Child Development. The form below must be submitted electronically prior to the interview and students must bring a hard copy to the interview as well.

MAT Admission Interview Requirements

Highly Qualified Teacher

In order to meet Highly Qualified Teacher status and be eligible for provisional certification while enrolled in the MAT program, students must register for the appropriate middle school Missouri Content Assessment.

In order for Drury University to recommend you for initial state certification you must pass the appropriate middle school Missouri Content Assessment or have a passing Praxis II score  dated prior to September 1, 2014.  All programmatic requirements, including an electronic portfolio, must be complete as well.

Provisional Certification Extensions

If you are a current MAT student teaching under provisional certification, you will need to do the following to extend your provisional certificate:

  1. Obtain the location of the appropriate application by contacting DESE at (573) 751-0051.
  2. Submit the application and a letter as to why you are requesting an extension to DESE at the address below.
  3. Request a district letter of support and have it sent to DESE at the address below.
  4. Request a Drury letter of support by e-mailing the SECD Director of Student Services at The letter will then be e-mailed as a PDF document to the student.

You should send an updated Drury transcript to DESE by contacting the Drury Registrar's office and have it sent to:

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Attn: Sheila Hirsch (math or science) or Sandy Wadley (language arts or social studies)
P.O. Box 480
Jefferson City, MO 65102