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M.Ed. in Special Reading

Director's Welcome & M.Ed. Overview

Drury University offers a variety of Master in Education degrees: elementary, middle school, and secondary curriculum and instruction, gifted education, human services, online teaching, instructional leadership, instructional mathematics & science, instructional technology and instructional technology/media, exceptional children and youth, Drury Alternative Track in Special Education or DATSE) and special reading.

This program is designed for persons who are already certified as teachers.

Required Courses (36 hours):

SCI 621*: Educational Technology
EDUC 611: Counseling Parents of Exceptional Children
HFA 656: Academic Writing and Digital Literacy
EDUC 651: Evaluation of Abilities & Achievement
EDUC 652: Language Development of the Exceptional Child
EDUC 660: Practicum I: Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading and Related Difficulties
EDUC 661: Practicum II: Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading and Related Difficulties
EDUC 665: Improvement of Reading Instruction
EDUC 667**: Analysis & Correction of Reading Disabilities
EDUC 670: Leadership in Reading
EDUC 689: Introduction to Educational Research
EDUC 700: Capstone Seminar

*(must be taken within the first two semesters)
***(Must be taken before or with EDUC 660 - Practicum I)

Please note: Acquisition of the M.Ed. in Special Reading from Drury University does not automatically lead to Special Reading Certification from the State of Missouri.

In order to obtain Special Reading Certification from the State of Missouri, program participants need to have the following prerequisites: two (2) years teaching experience; an approved Behavior Management course (the Classroom Management course at Drury is approved); an approved Child and Adolescent Psychology course(s); an approved Education of the Exceptional Child course; and an approved Basic Reading Methods course.

Please meet with an advisor for additional certification information.