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M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership

Director's Welcome & M.Ed. Overview

The diverse duties associated with the modern teaching profession require a recognition of the importance of empowering educators to support their peers. This program is designed for individuals interested in participating in an instructional leadership capacity within their educational field. Participants in this program will:

  • Expand the theoretical knowledge acquired during their initial preparation program
  • Augment those skills that practicing teachers have mastered as professionals.

This innovative graduate degree cultivates instructional leaders who will directly influence other classroom teachers and educationally-focused stakeholders.

Required Courses (15 hours)

SCI 621*: Educational Technology
EDUC 605: Advanced Educational Psychology & Assessment
SS 639: Leadership Techniques
EDUC 689**: Introduction to Educational Research

EDUC 700**: Capstone Seminar

* Must be taken within the first two semesters.
**must be taken in last 9 hours of program

Courses Required in Emphasis (21 hours)

SS 601: The Sociological Foundations of Educational Practices
SCI 632: Educational Evaluation
EDUC 634: Advanced Curriculum and Instruction
EDUC 638: Teaching and Learning in Diverse Classrooms
EDUC 656: Legal and Ethical Issues in Education
EDUC 657: Developing and Sustaining Professional Learning Communities
HFA 671: Philosophical Issues in Contemporary Society