Master in Education Programs

M.Ed. with Emphasis in Gifted Education Curriculum (Elementary & Secondary Teachers)

Director's Welcome & M.Ed. Overview

The Master in Education Gifted program is designed as an endorsement program for persons who already have Missouri Teacher Certification.

“If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?”
T.S. Eliot

Some students come to the institution of education, for one reason or several, ahead of expectation. They may think faster, they may know more through prior experience, or they may seem to understand more deeply. In any event, teaching these students something new every day is just as valuable, and no less difficult, than it is with others. Meaningful learning cannot be a right for the many and a privilege for the few.

Gifted education is the field that focuses on the education of such students. Drury University offers a fully online program for a Master in Education (M.Ed.) in Gifted Education, which includes an endorsement for teachers who already possess Missouri teacher certification. The program provides access to gifted students through summer gifted programming sponsored by the Drury University Center for Gifted Education, as well as the extraordinary gifted program in the Springfield Public Schools.

Every member of the gifted education faculty has direct experience with students identified as gifted. The team includes three gifted educators, two administrators of gifted programs, and a clinical psychologist whose practice targets the needs of this population. Faculty access is a high priority at Drury, and for those pursuing their graduate degree, there are research opportunities available through the instructors.

Required Core Courses (18 hours):

It is recommended that the required courses be taken in the following order:

SCI 620*: Technology in the Classroom
EDUC 605: Advanced Educational Psychology & Assessment
SS 624: The Home, the School and the Community
HFA 636: Teaching and Evaluation of Writing
EDUC 689**: Introduction to Educational Research (formerly EDUC 602)
EDUC 700**: Capstone Seminar

* Must be taken within the first two semesters.
**(must be taken in last 9 hours of program)

Courses Required in Emphasis (18 hours):

It is recommended that the required courses be taken in the following order:

EDUC 676: Survey of Gifted and Talented Education
EDUC 677: Curriculum & Differentiated Instruction for the Gifted
EDUC 678: Administration and Supervision of Gifted Programs
EDUC 679: Counseling and Guidance of the Gifted
EDUC 686: Practicum in Gifted Education
EDUC 643: Gifted Conference (1 hour each)

  • Fall - Gifted Education Conference
  • Spring - Symposium in Gifted Education
  • Summer - New Teachers in Gifted Workshop