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English for Academic Purposes Course Descriptions

The Drury University English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program, housed in the Department of English, is a one-semester academic program designed to provide an intensive learning experience for students who need to improve their listening, speaking, reading, writing and comprehension skills in English. 

The EAP program is a 6-course curriculum that helps students prepare for enrollment the following semester.  Students participate in conversation tables and attend university events with their American tutors as a component of their intensive acculturation experience.

ENGL 110: English for Academic Purposes: Oral Communications (Entering the Discourse)
ENGL 111: English for Academic Purposes: Writing and Research (Framing an Argument)
ENGL 115: English for Academic Purposes: Intensive English (Joining the Community of Scholars)
ENGL 116: Grammar (Developing Independent Strategies for Success)
ENGL 117: English for Academic Purposes: Reading (Responding to Texts)
ENGL 120: English for Academic Purposes: Field Studies in Academic Culture

ENGL 110: English for Academic Purposes: Oral Communications. 3 hours. (Entering the Discourse)

A practical course designed for international students to improve their skills in both listening and speaking. Class content is discussion-oriented, includes both personal and public discourse, public speaking and group presentation projects, and emphasizes clarity in pronunciation.

ENGL 111: EAP: Writing and Research. 3 hours. (Framing an Argument)

This course prepares international students to become college writers. The class teaches rhetoric and logic; style and voice; ethical research methods, documentation, and standards of academic integrity.

ENGL 115: Intensive English. 3 hours. (Joining the Community of Scholars)

This course includes lectures, activities, and projects designed to acculturate students to the liberal arts classroom at Drury University, as well as the Springfield community.

ENGL 116: Grammar. 3 hours. (Developing Independent Strategies for Success)

This course is student goal/task-focused on strategies to improve language facility; that is, individualized instruction seeks to help each student improve his or her use of grammar in both written and oral communication, and develop personal study strategies.

ENGL 117: Reading. 3 hours. (Responding to Texts)

Course emphasis is both on improving reading comprehension strategies, and responding meaningfully to the writing of others. Course focus is on the American Experience.

ENGL 120: English for Academic Purposes: Field Studies in Academic Culture. 1 hour.

Designed as the field studies component to EAP 115, this course focuses on acculturation to university life. This class allows students to experience a full-credit humanities course as a language learner, observer and participant.