Student Wellness
Dan Cashel
Director of Student-Athlete Enhancement/Student Affairs & Athletic Event Coordinator
Office: (417) 873-7222

Staff & Faculty Wellness
Jennifer Kirtlink
Benefits Manager
Office: (417) 873-6858

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Five to Thrive: Educate

Educate signifies our endeavor to bring out the potential in every member of the Drury community. Educate involves collaboration for a certificate program with one of the best-known health systems in the country: the Cleveland Clinic. It also addresses the new tobacco-free campus policy.

  • Drury University provides a well-rounded education to all students. Your personal Wellness is just as important as your studies at Drury
  • Are you sleeping well? Your sleep hygiene is important to your education and mental health
  • Tobacco-free Campus: Nicotine elevates blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Tobacco contributes to heart disease, cancer and stroke risk.