Summit Park Leadership Community 2013-2014

The Summit Park Leadership Community engages Drury University students in an experiential learning environment that focuses on the principles of leadership while incorporating the value of community service. Teams of students focus an entire year of residency to design, organize and implement a project based on the idea that leadership is a purposive process that is ultimately concerned with fostering change. Each year students apply to live in the Summit Park Leadership community. It is a competitive process with spots for 40 students. The students will each spend a minimum of 30 hours per academic year serving the listed agency and the Community will provide more than 1,200 hours of service to the Springfield region.

Each team of students maintains a blog throughout the project. Click on their blogs below to learn more about the students and their service-learning projects.

Boys and Girls Club

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Jonas Gassmann, Mitchell Waters, Shane Woods

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Robin Miller

Goal: This year we will be volunteering with the Henderson Unit of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Springfield, Missouri. As athletes we feel that sports are one of the best ways to advance these objectives. Sports build confidence and leadership, and help promote social interaction and inclusion. Furthermore, sports are fun and easy to learn and play, making them one of the best ways to reach youth. Over this year of working with the Boys and Girls Club we will run several activity days based on different sports, such as soccer day. We will also do activities relating more to physical wellness in general, like healthy snack day. By working with the Boys and Girls Club we hope to use sports to achieve the mission of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Springfield as well as to inspire a lifetime of healthy choices for the children we work with.


Boys & Girls Club Mission: The mission of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Springfield is to enhance the quality of life for youth as participating members of a richly diverse society. With special concern for the disadvantaged, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Springfield help youth to help themselves realize their potential for growth and development.

CARE Animal Shelter

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Jamen Helton, Logan Prescott, Blake Andrews, William Daniel

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Tijuana Julian

Goal:  Our project will be to work with the Castaway Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E). This animal sanctuary is a nonprofit no-kill shelter especially for abused, injured or sick pets in the area. We will help improve the pets’ stays at the shelter by walking them and cleaning the cages they live in. This is what we will be doing primarily when we volunteer. C.A.R.E has a lot of needs. They rely exclusively on donations and supplies from people. Our group plans on donating shredded paper to shelter. They use this paper as bedding for the pets at nighttime. Along with these donations, we plan on setting up fundraisers to raise money for the shelter. We want to use these fundraisers to help give the animals the necessities they deserve and in the process promote adoptions. Our ultimate goal at C.A.R.E is to enhance the life and the stay of the animals at the shelter.


Mission of C.A.R.E.: ?To rescue as many adoptable animals from "death row" as we can properly care for. To provide medical treatment to sick or injured stray animals. To combine an aggressive spay/neuter program with a high volume adoption program while providing quality lifetime care for unadopted pets. To network with and provide a rescue service for other shelters, ultimately reducing the kill-rate in Southwest Missouri.

Harmony House

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Kelsey Pressnall, Bridget Voda, Ann Slesinski, Karen Baltzley

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Charles Taylor

Goal: For our project, we will be working with the Springfield Harmony House. We are there to support the families and the staff with any miscellaneous help needed at the house: from helping cook dinner to cleaning the bathrooms. We see ourselves helping the women and children, and the staff that work there. We hope to do a fundraiser to get supplies needed at the house, such as cleaning supplies and personal care items. We are also considering a project with the children. Each of us has skills in the dance/theatre/music range and hope to do a workshop with the kids that will allow them to get up and perform for one another. We are looking forward to supporting the wonderful staff as well as adding our own ideas.


Harmony House Mission: The mission of Harmony House is to provide shelter, advocacy and education to survivors of domestic violence and promote the principle that all individuals have the right to a life free of abuse.

Humane Society

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Sara Beck,  Rebekah Laupp, Wan Yi Poon

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Patricia McEachern

Goal: The three of us will be volunteering at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri in order to help those animals who have wound up in their care. While there, we will walk the dogs, clean cages and make sure both the cats and dog maintain healthy social relationships with humans. The goal is to find homes for the animals at the humane society and educate our school that volunteering isn’t hard or time consuming, but in the will better the lives of these animals. Our plan is to fundraise as well as gather old towels, blankets, and newspapers since the Humane Society is not funded by the government. We would also like to organize a better link between the Humane Society and Drury.


Mission of the Humane Society: The mission of the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri is to aid in the alleviation of distress and suffering of animals by operating a shelter for animals in need of care, placing animals in suitable homes when possible, and offering educational programs that promote animal welfare.

Newborns in Need

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Brittany Fox, Hannah Bunch, Emma Clardy, Megan Goosey

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Jarrod Smith

Goal: Our project is Newborns in Need, a charity that helps provide necessities for newborns when their family cannot always afford it. Our group plans to contribute to this organization by knitting and crocheting blankets and hats, quilting, packaging kits full of newborn necessities, assisting in organizing contact information via email, and general organization of the fabrics and clothing items. We also plan to have potential fundraisers such as creating lists of necessities and having people through the school and the community donates to our cause. Another idea is to form a knitting club with people in the community. Goals of this project is to learn basic sewing skills, raise awareness throughout the community, and get the community involved in helping such a great cause. Our overall desired effect is to help support local families that can’t afford necessities for their newborns.


Mission of Newborns in Need: To serve all God’s children by providing beginning essentials for newborns that belong to a family that can’t afford them.

One Sole

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Chezney Shorthose, McKensie Hodges, Sophie Fulton, Jana Woodruff, Jenny Scoggin, Corrie Thomas, Casey Vaclavik, Aislyn Hamblett

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Andrea Battaglia

Goal: OneSolePurpose is a nonprofit organization that raises money to provide children in Title-1 schools with new Converse shoes. Title-1 schools are those in which 85% of students qualify for free or reduced lunches. This year our team will fit children in Title-1 schools with Converse, sort shoes for efficient delivery to each school, and deliver shoes to each child within each classroom. Our team will promote OneSolePurpose by working booths at the News-Leader Races and the Greater Springfield Farmers’ Market. In the spring OneSolePurpose holds a 5K/10K at which our team will volunteer. In addition to all of this, our team will bring the mission of OneSolePurpose to the Drury campus.


OneSolePurpose Mission: OneSolePurpose exists for the purpose of restoring hope and God-given dignity by providing basic necessities, like shoes, to those currently in need.

Potter's House

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Tori Lemmon, Abigael Weller, Megan Reed, Taylor Pemberton

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Kathryn Benson

Goal: In the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014, we will be working with the Potter’s House, a coffee house located on National Ave. The Potter’s House is a not-for-profit, faith-based ministry, supported entirely by the generous donations of individuals, businesses and churches. It exists as a safe place for thousands of students who come for support, encouragement, mentoring, and community every year. The Potter’s House only has two paid employees, and consequently relies almost solely on the help of volunteers. We will be using our skills in the areas of graphics, design, multimedia writing, social media, event planning, and more to assist the Potter’s House, as well as helping to organize several projects. These include: revamping the website, redesigning and writing a newsletter, and creating and maintaining an alumni database. Furthermore, we hope to strengthen the bond between Drury University and the Potter’s House, as well as increase Drury student’s visibility and engagement with other students and organizations across Springfield.


Mission of Potter's House: The Potter’s House exists to advance Christian influence on the university campus by introducing and reconciling students to Jesus Christ. To accomplish this purpose, it is our desire to build relationships with students, disciple them in their spiritual growth, equip them for ministry and then to send them around the world with the message of hope in Christ, to every ethnicity and culture.

Ronald McDonald House

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Madelaine Bell, Wayne Elliott, Jeffrey Robinson, Kurt Smith, Mckenzie Johnson, Emily Titus, Morgan Melton, Jeremy Womack

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Emily Givens

Goal: The goal of the RMH summit team is to assist the Ronald McDonald house with item donation, family dinners, general lawn maintenance, and, ultimately, a complete restoration of their backyard/play area. We aim to provide the people that Ronald McDonald House helps with hot meals and companionship, any items they or their children might need, a beautiful outdoor relaxation space to help ease their troubled minds, and provide children at the House a place to play.


Ronald McDonald House Mission: RMH’s goal is to provide a place to stay for families with children in Springfield hospitals, as well as transportation to and from the hospitals that their children are in.