Kyle Thiermann

Kyle Thiermann

"Surfing for Change"

Thursday, April 3
11 a.m.
Clara Thompson Hall

Kyle Thiermann is a 23-year-old pro surfer who has created some serious waves around the world. He is the creator and host of the hit youtube series, Surfing For Change.

Combining surfing great waves with making a series of short films about current issues, Thiermann focuses on the power you have to create a better world through everyday decisions.
His first youtube movie in the series details how money kept in multinational banks is used to finance destructive projects all over the world. This video inspired people to move large amounts of money out of centralized banks and into local banks and credit unions, and reached people throughout North America, South America, Africa and much of Europe.

Kyle has surfed his way across Indonesia, Chile, Peru, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Australia, Hawaii and throughout the US. His latest movie covers a new, community led, model of tourism emerging in Nicaragua.

He graduated from Gaia University with a Bachelors of Science in Green Business. He has been featured in media throughout the world, including Outside Magazine, Discovery Channel, and Surfer Magazine.

Kyle Speaks at Universities throughout the country. He was the recipient of the Blue Vision Youth Award, the Brower Youth Award, the Surfrider Environmental Achievement Award, and the American Clean Skies Video Competition.