How to get involved in a Drury Student Organization

Where do I start?
Getting involved at Drury is easy.  And it's a great way to enhance your Drury experience.  There are multiple ways for you to join student organizations.  You can attend group meetings; you can participate in group-sponsored events; and if you meet specific requirements, you may be invited to join a group.  Here are the easiest ways to get information to help you immediately get connected to the right student organization for you:

  • Website: the online resource for all new students to get the information that you need about Drury's student organizations.
  • Student Activities Office: Your one-stop-spot for everything you need to know about campus organizations.  You can get information about any one of Drury's student organizations, schedule individual meetings with the helpful staff, and set up your volunteer schedule with community outreach.  Whatever you need, you can find it in the Student Activities Office. Located in the Findlay Student Center, Office 124

Which groups should I join?
With more than 60 student organizations, there is probably a group you'd be interested in.  Groups are divided into key categories to assist with your selection process.  After you've learned more about interesting organizations, you can contact the Campus Advisor for how and when you can get plugged in.

How many groups should I join?
It depends. By balancing your responsibilities with your studies, you'll find that getting involved and staying involved at Drury is easy and significantly benefits and enhances your collegiate experience. Here are some suggestions:

  • Student Athletes, Intense majors and students that hold part-time jobs: We suggest joining one or two groups that you can really devote your time to.  
  • Students that have more free time: You'll have more time to get involved in student groups; we'd suggest two or three groups for you.  

Can I start a new group?
Yes. The process to start a new organization is listed on the Student Activities website.  You'll be able to find a clear, step-by-step guide for the group recognition process, tips to recruit new members and information about leading effective meetings and sustaining your new organization.