Student Life

Basics & Insider Scoop

How many student organizations does Drury have?
Drury has more than 60 student organizations that are based on a variety of topics, interests, and fields of study. The large variety offered by Drury's student organizations allows each organization to maintain a high degree of focus on a particular mission. When coupled with the dedication of its student members, the cultural, social, and academic climate on campus is greatly enriched.

Visit the Clubs & Organizations page to find out more information on each Student Organization on campus such as:

  • How much it Costs to be Involved
  • Type of Organization
  • Membership Selectivity
  • First-year Student Involvement
  • Regularity of Meetings
  • How to Join

Just view the “At a Glance “section at the bottom of each group’s webpage.

Will I have time?
Getting involved at Drury is the best way to enhance your collegiate experience. But, it's important to remember that you can get too involved. Balance your academic workload, friends & family, and work schedule with your involvement opportunities so that they compliment each other. If you have the time and interest, choosing to be involved is a positive enhancement to your collegiate experience.