Be Where the Action Is!

Dorm Fun-tivities

One of the best aspects about living in the residence halls is that you are surrounded by fun, exciting people. You can never really predict exactly what sporadic activities will arise from time to time, but you can always be sure you will have a good time. Whether starting a dance party, having a jam session in the hall, or decorating the hall fichus in honor of the holiday season, there is rarely a dull moment!

"One of my favorite memories of dorm life was when upon alerting the hall of a meteor shower that night, at least 40 people gathered outside with blankets, chairs, mattresses, and hammocks to all watch it together. We didn't see many meteors, but we all had an amazing time laughing together. It's an experience I will never forget."                    

~ Cassie Walton, Senior

Hall Parties

Each Resident Assistant (RA) is responsible for planning social and educational events for the hall each semester.  Activities can range from attending a Drury campus event together to having a private "hall party" with your fellow residents.  Whether you head to Wilhoit theatre to see the latest Drury Theatre Department production or everyone tie-dyes t-shirts and has a pizza party, there are numerous opportunities to have fun and connect with your hall-mates.

"The hall parties are a great and different way to interact with people in your residence hall because they are planned with a theme. They create wonderful memories to look back on!"                  

~ Amber Perdue, Junior  

Past hall parties have included:

  • BBQ
  • "Just Dance" Wii game
  • Coffee trip to the Potter's House or Mudhouse
  • Yoga relaxation
  • Caramel apple making
  • Pancake party
  • Movie watching parties
  • Tie-dye (T shirts, hats, etc)
  • Christmas and other holiday parties

RAs are happy to take suggestions! If you have an idea for a hall party, you are encouraged to mention your ideas to your RA and also help plan the fun!

Move-In Day

"I expected to be overwhelmed, but Drury makes it a really smooth process with lots of friendly faces to help you move in.

~ Austin Seaborn, Junior


As you pull into the parking lot, a group of enthusiastic Drury students greet you and start helping you move all your things into your residence hall. By the time you check-in and register, all your stuff will arrive in your room, leaving you lots of time to unpack, become familiar with the residence hall and settle into your room a bit before orientation activities later that day.

Residence Hall Meetings

As a day of fun orientation activities comes to a close, students gather in their residence hall to officially meet the RA staff and their Hall Director, get to know one another, and go over the rules and policies of the building. Afterwards, stay for Happy Hour: a fun-filled event to interact with your fellow residents and start building a strong community.

"All the extra help made everything so much easier. It was a great first impression of what Drury is all about!"  

~ Amber Perdue, Junior

Halloween in the Halls

"Halloween in the Halls is one of the most fun events that happens inside the halls. You get a real sense of accomplishment when it's all said and done! And of course, the dorm with the best lobby wins a prize!"

~ Nicole Lepper, RA

Halloween in the Halls is an annual event sponsored by the Residence Life Association. RLA picks a theme for each of the three residence halls to decorate their lobbies around. Past themes have included, Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Dr. Seuss, and Where the Wild Things Are. Each hall is given a $50 budget and the RAs and residents of the hall are responsible for decorating the lobby according to the theme.

On Halloween night the dorm is open to children and families of the Drury and Springfield community to Trick or Treat and experience the amazing décor in a fun and safe environment. RLA tours each dorm and votes on a winner who receives a pizza/ice cream/Jimmy John's party.

"I loved the opportunity to provide kids a safe place to trick or treat. I really enjoyed seeing all of their costumes and decorating for them was so much fun! It still is one of favorite events from freshman year."

~ Kristen Keith, Junior