Dr. Jeffrey VanDenBerg
Chair of Political Science & Geography
Professor of Political Science
Office: (417) 873-6947

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About the Political Science Programs

Three Majors & Minor Offered

The study of institutions and human behavior in political science derives from the desire to understand the basic values and goals of society. Political science examines societies past and present to understand how power and influence affect who gets what — when, why, where and how.

Students of government and politics gain the skills and knowledge to be effective global citizens, and are highly sought after by employers and graduate schools. Career options for political science majors include positions in consulting, law, diplomacy, business, elected office, nonprofit organizations, lobbying and education.

Students choose one from among three political science majors: American Political Studies, International Political Studies and Politics and Government. These majors begin with a broad foundation in political science, then allow a student to build upon it with courses that most closely match his or her interests. Drury University also offers a political science minor in Politics and Government.