Secure Server

More about Drury's technology that protects your personal information

For any transactions involving Drury's web site and your personal details, security and privacy are our highest priority. Because of this, Drury maintains a secure server, authenticated with a digital certificate.

A secure server encrypts all data flowing between it and your browser, preventing any third party from being able to read intercepted information.

A digital certificate is issued by a trusted organization and reassures the user that they are interacting with the genuine web site of Drury University. Our digital certificate also allows True Site verification, which allows you to see if the page is secured with encryption.

Click the icon above to get a pop-up from GeoTrust, our trusted third-party. This will show you that this page is indeed served by Drury and that it is not running through our secure server. Of course, any pages that handle personal information will show up as secure.

Drury's intent is to reassure its users that we do everything possible to protect your information.

For further details on the way your information is used, please see our Privacy Policy.