Important information for students on OPT

DHS requires proof of employment from students on OPT who wish to re-enter the US

From the USCIS website:

2.N. Can I reenter if my request for OPT is pending?

Yes, you may reenter to search for employment.

2.O. Can I reenter if I left while on OPT?

If your OPT has been approved and you depart before you get a job, your OPT ends and you may not reenter.

If you have a job, you may travel and reenter to resume work at the same job. You must carry proof of employment with you.

These two questions are part of an FAQ the Department of Homeland Security has posted on their website. These FAQs are a SEVP initiative to "fill in the gaps" of regulatory wording and some interpretations differ from prior DHS interpretations and practices.

If you plan to travel once OPT has been approved, it is very important that you carry your verification of employment with you.