Attendance Costs for International Students

The costs of attending Drury University are listed below. Please examine the information carefully. It is important to become well-informed of the costs of living and studying in the United States.

Students wishing to study in U.S. universities are required to submit official documents such as bank statements and letters from bank officers verifying their financial ability to study in the U.S. International students applying to Drury University must also submit the Statement of Financial Support attached to the application for admission. The university must have these documents before it issues Form I-20 A-B, the Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status, which students must obtain before applying to the U.S. Embassy for a student visa.

At the time of the interview with the consulate officer, international students must submit the documented evidence of financial resources to meet all expenses for the duration of their studies.

Estimated Yearly Costs for 2012-2013
Tuition and fees $21,000
Housing Options (Choose one)  
Smith Hall - with Roommate $4,800
Wallace Hall - with Roommate $5,600
Sunderland Hall $6,000
Meal Plan Options (Choose one)  
90 meals per semester (+190 Panther Bucks) $1,580
120 meals per semester (+255 Panther Bucks) $2,100
150 meals per semester (+320 Panther Bucks) $2,620
180 meals per semester (+320 Panther Bucks) $2,980
Student fee (annual fee) $285
Health Center fee $180
Technology fee $110
Fall international student orientation (one time fee) $110
Spring international student orientation (one time fee) $145
International sudent health insurance fee $1,000
Additional international student health insurance fee for athletes $220
Total $29,065
Payment Plan (4 payments per semester) $2,696

Personal expenses vary depending on individual spending needs.