Laundry / Vending

Each residence hall, fraternity house and apartment complex has drink/snack machines and laundry machines. Laundry machines are no longer coin-operated anywhere on campus. The cost has been included in the semester housing fees.  On-campus laundry facilities are only for use by residential students.

Sunderland residence hall: There is a laundry room located on each floor of Sunderland Hall, located adjacent to the common area. Each laundry room has two washers and two dryers.

Wallace residence hall: The laundry room is located in the Wallace basement and has four washers and four dryers.

Smith residence hall: There are two washers and two dryers on each floor of Smith Hall.

College Park: The Community Center has a laundry room with four washers and four dryers.

Jefferson Park: Students residing in North Jefferson may use their own washer and dryer, as each unit in the building has hook-ups. We recommend students wait to purchase units until after moving in and measuring the laundry space.  Students who do not bring their own laundry machines and residents in South Jefferson, may use the laundry facility which is located on the 1st floor of South Jefferson.

Manley Hall: The Manley laundry room is on the south end of the building on the ground floor level.

Summit Park: All Summit Park apartments feature a stackable washer/dryer combo.

Midtown houses: Each Midtown house has washer/dryer hook-up and may even have the machines.

Fraternity houses: Each fraternity house has a laundry room.

University Suites: Each unit has a washer and dryer.