2014-2015 Housing Sign-Ups for Returning Students

Applying for Campus Housing: Returning Students

Don’t forget, Drury University has a housing policy that requires full-time day school students to live on campus. 

Watch this brief video on the basics of housing sign-ups for returning students:

Students are eligible to reside in on-campus apartments if they graduated from high school at least one full year prior to the anticipated move-in date.  There is no longer a minimum credit-hour requirement to apply for apartments.

Students should choose their own roommates and fill out online Housing Selection Forms for each unit type in which they are interested. Deadlines for each housing unit are indicated on the Housing Selection form.   

The Housing Office will confirm each group’s earned credit hours and rank the roommate groups from most earned hours to least earned hours.

Groups should attend their designated housing sign-up night and bring pre-completed housing contracts for the housing locations they hope to get.  At the sign-up nights, a large campus map will be posted so that students can easily see which units are available. Groups will be called from most credit hours to least credit hours to select their specific unit from the map. Groups turn in their contracts immediately after selecting a unit. 

In addition to bringing completed housing contracts, students who are moving to campus for the first time should also bring a $200 check made out to Drury University.

Some students already have an apartment and want to keep it for the upcoming academic year.  In order for students to maintain their current apartment/house for another year (“residency continuation”), at least 50% of the current residents must renew their contracts and find students to fill any vacancies within the unit by Monday, March 3 at 5 p.m. If all intended tenants do not submit housing contracts by March 3 at 5 p.m., those tenants must participate in the housing sign-up process and select a new unit.

Students residing in the following locations are NOT ELIGIBLE to keep the exact same bedroom or apartment (this list will change before sign-ups):

  • College Park units--106, 110, 128
  • 1212 N. Jefferson, apt B
  • University Suites 203
  • Humanities House
  • Summit Park
  • Sunderland, Smith & Wallace halls
  • Fraternity houses (assignments TBD by chapter)
  • Wheelchair-accessible apartments (unless those students are residing with a student who requires accessible housing)--Students who are negatively affected by this policy should contact the Housing Office directly in February.

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