University Honors Faculty

Faculty who teach in the University Honors Program are the best at what they do. They offer challenging, intensive, and inspiring courses. Below is a list of those who teach in the program:

Jeanie Allen
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Leah Blakey
Associate Professor of History
Faculty Coordinator for CCPS

Peter Browning
Professor of Religion

Nancy Chikaraishi
Associate Professor of Architecture

Hue-Ping Chin
Associate Professor of History
Director of Asian Studies

Lisa Esposito
Professor of Philosophy

Jay Garrott
Professor of Architecture
Director of the Center for Community Studies

Brant Hinrichs
Associate Professor of Physics

Teresa Hornsby
Professor of Religion

Erin Kenny
Associate Professor of Geography

Rick Maxon
Associate Professor of Communication

Patricia McEachern
Professor of French
Director of Forum on Animal Rights
Dorothy Jo Barker Endowed Professor for the Study of Animal Rights

Peter Meidlinger
Professor of English
Assoc. VP for Undergraduate Studies

Patrick Moser
Associate Professor of French

Chris Panza
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Bob Robertson
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Saundra Weddle
Professor of Architecture
Division Chair of Fine Arts

Resa Willis
Professor of English

Shelley Wolbrink
Professor of History
History Department Chair
Director of Medieval Studies Program