The Drury/Hem Sheela Scholars Initiative

When you match the generous donation from Board Chair John Beuerlein ‘75 and his wife Crystal ‘75, more university and Hem Sheela students can have experiences such as this one. Your gifts to the Hem Sheela Challenge will build a $1 million scholarship endowment so that outstanding Drury undergraduates can study and student teach in India while exceptional Hem Sheela graduates will experience a Drury University education.

What Drury and Hem Sheela Students Gain

Drury’s Global Perspectives 21 curriculum calls for the university’s students to learn to adapt to a changing world and to appreciate other cultures. This is Drury’s mission. Similarly, Hem Sheela graduates enrich Drury’s classroom experience because they bring a perspective to world issues that few students from this country can easily understand.

Why Give?

When you give to the Drury Hem Sheela Scholars Initiative your donation will be generously matched by John and Crystal (Tinlin) Beuerlein ’75/’75. That means your gift doubles in value to the students who will receive scholarship support. The Drury-Hem Sheela Scholars Endowment makes it possible for Drury undergraduates to study and student teach in India while allowing Hem Sheela graduates the ability to experience a Drury University education. Your contributions will not only help Drury students who teach at Hem Sheela but also widen their world to a different cultural and teaching experience. Similarly, Hem Sheela students who attend Drury will discover the personal teaching experience that takes place here every day by professors who care about them. In this way, your gift will help build bridges of understanding between our two countries.

Tax-Deductible Donation:
Hem Sheela is a non-profit [501(C)3] organization and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S.A. as a tax-exempted institution. All tax-deductible donations can be sent to: Friends of Hem Sheela Model School Corporation, 2102 E. Wayland, Springfield, MO 65804 USA.

To discuss your donation options contact Dr. Krystal Compas at (417) 873-7303 or