Health Insurance

It's Required.

Drury University requires all students to have proof of medical insurance coverage on file in the dean of students office.

We hope that all students enjoy good health while at Drury University; however, illness and accidents are a reality of life. Recent changes in medical insurance plans (HMOs, PPOs, etc.) make it necessary for families to examine their insurance coverage before students leave for college. Please check to see if there are preferred providers for your plan in the Springfield area. The Panther Clinic nurses are happy to help make arrangements with these providers when this information is available to them.

All international sudents enrolled at Drury University are required to purchase the student health plan offered through the university. A waiver of this requirement can be requested and must be renewed annually in the fall. A student's prior insurance benefits must be equal to or greater than the Drury plan. Apply annually for a waiver through the ISS office within the first two weeks of the fall semester (or spring semester for new spring students).