Charles A. Taylor
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dean of the College
Office: (417) 873-7225
Fax: (417) 873-7568

Marline Faherty
Director of Academic Affairs Support Services
Office: (417) 873-7225
Fax: (417) 873-7568

Music, Philosophy and Religion, Physics, Political Science and Geography, and Theatre

Departmental Listing


Allin Sorenson, Chair Professor
Tijuana Julian Professor
Carlyle Sharpe Professor
Stephen Bomgardner Assoc. Professor
Christina Claussen Assoc. Professor
Christopher Koch Assoc. Professor
Natalie Wlodarczyk Asst. Professor
Mark Lawley Instructor

Philosophy and Religion

Teresa Hornsby, Director Professor
Christopher Panza Assoc. Professor
Peter Browning Professor
Lisa Esposito Professor
Craig Titus Visiting Instructor


Bruce Callen, Chair Professor
Brant Hinrichs Assoc. Professor
Greg Ojakangas Assoc. Professor
Christos Deligkaris Asst. Professor


Robert Westenberg, Chair Assoc. Professor
Robin Schraft Professor
Michael Sokol Professor
Madison Spencer Asst. Professor

Misc. Programs

Patricia McEachern (Animal Rights) Professor
Leah Hamilton (Arts Administration) Special Instructor
Eleni Dellagrammaticas (Greece) Special Instructor

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