Charles A. Taylor
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dean of the College
Office: (417) 873-7225
Fax: (417) 873-7568

Marline Faherty
Director of Academic Affairs Support Services
Office: (417) 873-7225
Fax: (417) 873-7568

Languages, Library, Mathematics and Computer Science

Departmental Listing


Elizabeth Nichols, Chair Professor
Patrick Moser Professor
John Taylor Assoc. Professor
Heidi Backes Asst. Professor
Catherine Blunk Asst. Professor
Tim Robbins Asst. Professor
Anthony Smith Instructor


Polly Boruff-Jones, Director Librarian
William Garvin Assoc. Librarian
Phyllis Holzenberg Assoc. Librarian
Craig Smith Assoc. Librarian
Jacqueline Tygart Assoc. Librarian
Katherine Bohnenkamper Sr. Asst. Librarian
Holli Henslee Sr. Asst. Librarian

Mathematics and Computer Science

Keith Coates, Chair Assoc. Professor
Carol Browning Professor
Robert Robertson Assoc. Professor
Sergey Borodick Assoc. Professor
Scott Sigman Assoc. Professor
Scott Simmons Assoc. Professor


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