The Springfield Angel Network

  • Formed in 2008, the Springfield Angel Network was created to meet the early capital needs of local university and private-sector entrepreneurs. As an introduction network, it’s designed for accredited investors wishing to take an active role in their investment decisions, while playing a critical role in bringing to market exciting ideas generated in university labs and private businesses throughout southwest Missouri. The private capital supplied by angel investors is an important requirement for creating new products, services and jobs in our region. The institutional members of the Springfield Angel Network are: Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Edward Jones Center for Entrepreneurship - Drury University, and Jordan Valley Innovation Center/Springfield Innovation, Inc. - Missouri State University The purpose of the Springfield Angel Network is to introduce accredited investors to potential funding opportunities through invitation-only presentation events. Springfield Angel Network participants are under no obligation to invest in any particular opportunity, and are not subject to an annual minimum investment. Participants should understand the risks associated with early stage investments, be willing to conduct any and all necessary due diligence, and be financially able to withstand the loss of their investments. Participants interested in a funding opportunity work directly with the entrepreneur and other interested participants to formalize any potential investments.

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      If you are in search of capital to start or grow your business, the Springfield Angel Network is an excellent resource to consider for locating sources of potential funding. To ensure that your business plan receives serious consideration from the Angel Network, be sure to carefully review the recommended guidelines for your business plan.

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