Getting Started: Springfield Angel Network

Thank you for considering the Springfield Angel Network as a potential source for finding capital to start or grow your business. We would recommend that for serious consideration a comprehensive business plan be submitted to the Edward Jones Center with your interest. This business plan should be complete and include the following:

  • Resume of each key partner and key employee of thc company
  • Personal financial statement of each partner
  • Description of business
  • Description of product
  • Management of company
  • Marketing and sales programs
  • Analysis of competition
  • Legal and accounting representation
  • Detailed financial projections for three years (and previous three years if an existing business)
  • Cash flow projections
  • Executive summary

We trust you are aware, that if selected by the committee, a presentation to the Angels would be required as a next step in this process. Should you need any assistance with either the business plan or the presentation, several institutions in the area offer classes and conferences to assist with this process.

Thank you again for you interest.